Yoga instructors protest demanding jobs

DEHRADUN: Yoga degree and diploma holders in the state took out a protest rally in the city on Wednesday demanding that they be given jobs in government schools where yoga is being taught as a subject. The protesters claimed that although yoga is taught in schools, no teachers have been appointed for it. They added that Uttarakhand has many unemployed yoga teachers.

 “We have been asking for employment for many years now but nothing has been done till now and every government is giving us false promises. There are close to 15,000 yoga instructors in the state and most of them are unemployed but still the government is not doing anything,” said Rakesh Semwal, president of state yoga instructors association.
 Yoga instructor Vijay Rawat added, “Uttarakhand is hub of yoga and it is unfortunate that we don’t have jobs. I have a degree in yoga but it is useless. We have written to the concerned authorities multiple times but still no action has been taken.”
 Meanwhile the education department claims that limited resources make it very difficult to appoint more teachers. Alok Shekhar Tiwari, DG, education, said, “Yoga as a subject in school is not mandatory and some schools practice it while others don’t. Also, we do not have the resources to hire special teachers for yoga.”

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