Uttarakhand Education Minister Humiliates Teacher For Correct Answer, Says ‘Sparing You Because You Are A Woman’

During his visit to a school, Uttarakhand Education Minister Arvind Pandey insulted a lady teacher for giving the “correct answer”, video of which has gone viral.

the incident took place earlier this week, on Monday, after the minister decided to make a surprise visit to Dehradun’s Mahila Inter College.

In the video, the minister can be seen asking some basic questions to a female teacher inside a classroom. Pandey asks her how much would be the addition of minus and minus.

Responding to the minister, the teacher replies “minus”. Subsequently, the minister insults the teacher by saying that in Chemistry it will be minus and in Maths it will be plus.

Pandey firmly stands by his answer and humiliates the teacher. He further asks her to guess the fourth chapter of the book lying in front of her.

Here’s the video:


“Neither the teacher nor the students were carrying any book. The teacher was teaching with the help of a “key”, a book with questions and their solutions,” said Pandey.

Before leaving the classroom, the minister warns the teacher that she was spared only because she was a woman.

After the video went viral, Pandey tried to defend his case on social media  by posting another video of him teaching students inside a classroom.

On Thursday, there were multiple protests by teachers in different towns of Uttarakhand, who took to streets against the minister and demanded his apology.

A teacher told the news channel, “The way he spoke… it was an insult to the entire teaching community.”

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