Uttarakhand 1700 Assistant teachers will become ad hoc spokesperson, complete information here

Waiting for LT cadre teachers who are waiting for promotion for a long time is going to end. The Directorate of Education issued the counseling program after the promotion got green signal from the government. The teachers' counseling will start in Dehradun from 20th November.

Education director RK Kunwar confirmed this. He said that the counseling program has also been decided. Counseling will be subject to the subject. In the first phase, the counseling of the teachers of the women's branch will be. Counseling of teachers of the general branch will also be done soon. Kunwar said that the counseling will be done in the auditorium of Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya School located at Nankurkhed in Dehradun. This arrangement will be temporary and workable at the moment. Nearly 1700 teachers of LT cadre will benefit from ad hoc promotion. Kunwar said that the promotion has also made preparations for filling vacant posts in LT cadre. These 30% posts will be filled with basic promotional quotes. Guidelines for all officers have also been issued for this.

Counseling will be delayed

Education director said, every teacher in the council will have to register his / her registration between 9 am and 10 am. The teachers of the next order will be allotted to the school according to the option of teachers who are not registered or who are absent.
Counseling in November.

20 Chemistry, Mathematics, Sociology, Physics, Psychology, Art
25 History, Sanskrit, Geography, Biology, Economics
 27 Home Science, Hindi, English and Civics

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