Shri Guru Ram Rai Public (SGRR) Public Schools

                             Shri Guru Ram Rai SGRR Public Schools

Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission was established by Late 9th Shri Mahant Indresh Charan Dass Ji Maharaj in 1952 to impart quality education for the all round development of poor, low income group and deprived classes of the society at nominal cost. With a modest beginning the Mission today imparts education in its 122 institutions in northern India through English and Hindi medium from nursery to PhD

At present over 1 lakh students are getting education and more than 10000 employees are working in these schools.

In 1965 the education mission felt that the gap in the knowledge level as well as the importance of English medium was increasing but the English medium education was not at all within the reach of the poor and middleclass masses of this particular region of India. Only few were able to afford it. The education Mission established first English medium CBSE School in 1965, popularly known as Talab School Dehradun. After the opening of this school, the people from various parts of rural India came to Maharaji and requested to open such Schools in their villages/cities.

The SGRR Education mission is opening almost every year such schools in the rural India to full fill the needs of the common man. At present approximately 85,000 students are enrolled in these Schools and getting English Medium Education on nominal cost. In the year 1967 two Public Schools were started in Bombay Bagh, Dehradun. In seventies ten English medium schools were started in various parts of northern India. The missions continue in its mission and till 2006 established total 125 Schools in Northern India.


SGRR – Bindal Bridge
Address- Khurbura Colony Near Bindal Bridge, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2627321

SGRR – Bhandari Bagh
Address- Bhandari Bag, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2628707

SGRR- Pathri Bagh
Address- Pathri Bag, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-26524881

SGRR – Patel Nagar
Address- Box 80, Patel Nagar, Dehradun (248001) Uttarahand
Conatct No- 0135-2721763

SGRR – Niranjanpur
Address- Niranjanpur Patel Nagar Area Indiatrial Area, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2522100

SGRR – Tyagi Road
Address- 10 Tyagi Road, Opposite Hotel Athiti Near Prince Chowk, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 09319955167

SGRR – Subhash Road
Address- Subhash Road, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- N/A

SGRR – Chander Nagar
Address- Chander Nagar, Haridwar Bye Pass Chandan Vihar, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2720362

SGRR – Ring Road
Address- Ring Road, Pratap Bhawan, Ring Road, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2633529

SGRR – Garhi Cantt
Address- Shashi Vihar Govind Garh Garhi Cantt, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2530841

SGRR – Bhaniyawala
Address- Bhaniyawala, Rishikesh Road, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2412073

SGRR – Mohebewala
Address- Mohebewala Chanderbani, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2412073

SGRR – Ajabpur Khurd
Address- Haridwar Bye Pass Ajabpur Khurd, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-5521812

SGRR – Tilak Road
Address- 94 Tilak Road, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2622596

SGRR – Dalanwala
Address- Dalanwala Near Boys Hostel, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2686779

SGRR – Raja Road
Address- Raja Road Near Dhamawala Bazar, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- N/A

SGRR – Talab Branch
Address- Jhandha Bazar Oposite Jhandha Sahib Darbar, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Conatct No- N/A

SGRR – Race Cource
Address- Race Cource, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- 0135-2621942

SGRR – Shastradhara Road
Address- Shastradhara Road Near ABC Contruction, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- N/A

SGRR – E.C Road
Address- E.C. Road Near Power House, Dehradun (248001) Uttarakhand
Contact No- N/A




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    I have only 68% marks in 10 class can I get admission in sgrr school I need biology stream…and I have only 34 marks on science plz reply fast…..

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