Residential Boarding Schools in India

A Residential Boarding school is one where students stay in the hostels and pursue their studies. They live in with fellow students. Some schools offer residence as an option for outstation students while in some others, availing the residence facilities of the school is compulsory. Boarding schools essentially provide food and lodging for a specific fee. Varied number of students share rooms or dormitories and remain under the guidance of house master or house mistress or matron.

There are numerous boarding schools across India. Following are brief descriptions of a few of them: Wynberg-Allen School was established in 1888 and is proud to be one of the oldest educational institutions in India. It is nestled on the hills near Kulri, Mussoorie, India, offering a beautiful view. The school endeavors to impart quality education and co-curricular activities to its students. The boarding house incorporates in the students the art of peaceful co-existence and love for one another. Students also pick up vital lessons on responsibility, duty and discipline.

The Woodstock School Uttarakhand has a sprawling 250-acre of campus. The main campus buildings and residence quarters are situated along the picturesque hillside. Staff residences are housed amongst the trees across the campus with trails connecting them. The whole set-up is picture perfect. Woodstock was the first school in Asia to gain US accreditation. Six residence buildings sprawl the wooded ridges below the academic buildings or on the hillside above them. Together, the residences provide students with a fitness gym, indoor court, swimming pool, three outdoor basketball courts, and a large playing field.

There are some residential schools which offers full-time and part-time boarding facilities to the students. Some of the renowned residential schools in India are, Amtul Public School Nainital, St. Anthony’s School of Kurseong in Darjeeling, Patha Bhavan in Santiniketan and Columbia Convent in Indore. The common factors of all these schools in India are, world class infrastructure, intensive care of the students, plenty of scope for outdoor activities  and strict adherence to discipline.

Following is a comprehensive list of residential boarding schools scattered across the country. Click on each link to gain valuable information about the particular residential school:

The Asian School                                        The Doon School (Boys)
Welham Boys School (Boys)                          Welham Girls School (Girls)
Woodstock School, Mussoorie                         St Georges, Mussoorie (Boys)
Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie                   Oak Grove School, Mussoorie
Mussoorie Modern School                             Mussoorie International School (Girls)
Mussoorie Public School                               Waverly Convent School, Mussoorie (Girls)
The Indian Cambridge School                        Guru Nanak Vth Centenary School Mussoorie
The Doon Global School                               Him Jyoti School
Selaqui World School                                   Jaswant Modern Sr Secondry School
Carman School, Premnagar                          Carman School, City
The Presidency International School               Hope Town Girls School (Girls)
Indian Public School                                   Col Brown Cambridge School (Boys)
The Aryan School                                       Shalini School – The Baverly Hills
Unison World School (Girls)                           Delhi Public School, Dehradun
Kasiga School                                            Doon International School
Cambrain Hall School                                  Shigaly Hills International Academy (Girls)
Doon Valley Public School                            Scholars Home School
Sanskar International School                        Shiwalik International School
Pestle Weed College                                    Dehra Dun Hills Academy
The Doon Girls School (Girls)

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