Ministry of Higher Education has instructed to shut down government degree colleges with less than 100 students

Once again, the new government’s move in the state is going to demoralize the previous government’s decisions. The Ministry of Higher Education has instructed to close government degree colleges with less than 100 students. The sword has been hanging on 30 degree colleges opened in the previous Congress regime. The number of students in these new open colleges is quite low.

The number of government degree colleges in the state is about hundred hundred. The previous Congress government had established new degree colleges in a swift manner. With the help of new colleges opened in the last three years, the figure has increased from 70 to 100. This has increased the burden of expenditure on the higher education sector. Now the new government is facing this expenditure. In such a situation, the government is showing a lot of less number of students in colleges. In this regard, the Minister of State for Higher Education (Independent Charge) Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat held a meeting with the officers and officials of the past in the past. In the meeting, there was also a discussion on financial burden due to low number of students in the colleges.

Dr. Rawat, Minister of State for Higher Education, says that in the event of closure of the colleges of low-level colleges, the condition of colleges operating in the nearby areas will be improved. Not only this, he has also instructed the officials to find out the possibility of establishing new colleges in view of the high population in Haridwar. At present, the newly opened 30 colleges have less than one hundred students. Actually, new colleges open from the mandate of the year 2014 can come into existence only in the next year 2015. In the year 2016 some colleges were opened. At present, the officials of the Department of the Higher Education Ministry have agreed with the instructions of the Ministry of Education to organize a fight in the province.

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