Important Tips to Top JEE Mains Examination in 13 Days

JEE MAINS is amidst one of the toughest and prestigious examination conducted on all India basis. Millions of the aspirants prepare and appear for this examination every year. The great challenge of the best preparation in the mind has become one of the general problems of the candidates.

Below here we present Tips to Top JEE Mains Examination in 13 Days

The JEE Mains OFFLINE exam will be held on April 2 and the online exam will be held on 8th and 9th April. Vipin Baluni, MD of Baluni Classes is telling how to prepare for the examination:

  1. Set the deadline before resolving the old questions. Accordingly, resolve the question in a timely manner.
  2. Develop your concentration on the topics on which you have with strong hold. You can lose your concentration because of a new topic.
  3. While reading, please write formulas and important things on a separate paper. If you keep repeating it every day, it will certainly be useful.
  4. While doing the questions, solve at least ten questions simultaneously instead of checking the answers after each question. Check out its answers together.
  5. Create a goal for every day. Make your preparation accordingly to it. Read the fixed topics in the given time. Do not stress on more than it.
  6. Make sure to note the time of questions that you solve. After this, check the questionnaire for the evaluation of the time to be taken by other questions. Try to reduce it which will be better for JEE MAINS.
  7. Check the OMR properly before filling your answer in it. The hasty step can prove to be disastrous.
  8. Do not waste much time on any question.
  9. If you look at records of past years, 30 percent of the questions are easy and 30 percent of the questions are difficult. If they are identified in the question paper, the path will surely become easy.

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