Education Department will give job to 15 hundred unemployed in Uttarakhand

15 hundred unemployed people of Uttarakhand will get appointment in the education department. Its mandate can be issued soon after the cabinet decision. The same Chief Minister also assured the unemployed that it will be issued soon.
The BPED of the state is agitating for the demand of unemployed people, but now the dream of becoming a unemployed teacher is going to be fulfilled. According to departmental sources, five hundred posts of BEED TET pass unemployed are being increased.

At the same time, there are preparations for appointment of Yoga teachers in five hundred BPED and the same posts. State President of BPED-trained unemployed union Sundar Singh Dhoni said that he met the Chief Minister about the demand for jobless appointment. CM has given assurance of appointment soon.

Proposal for appointment of BPED and Yoga teachers has already been passed in the cabinet, which is to be held soon.


– Ranjana, Additional Secretary Education

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