DAV PG College Dehradun

dav-pg-college DAV PG College is the oldest and prestigious post graduate college in Dehradun was established in 1948 affiliated to HNB Garhwal University Srinagar. Almost half of the Dehradun students take their graduation degree from this college. The Student strength of this college is very high if all the student attend the college then definitely there would be a big difficulty. DAV College was the only college in Dehradun earlier for PG Studies before the development of private colleges. The College offers wast number of Under graduation and Post graduation Courses. 

Address : DAV PG College Dehradun, 
                 Dav Road,
                 Dehradun – 248001, Uttarakhand, India.
Phone No: +91-0135-2653555, 2743555
Year Of Establishment : 1948
Area : 30 Acres Approx
Institution Type : Non Private
Recognition : Bar Council of India, New Delhi,
                     Govt of Uttarakhand .
Affiliation : HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar, Uttarakhand.
Student Strength : 1000 Approx.
Email address: info@davpgcollege.in
Web Address: davpgcollege.in
                                 Courses Offered :
             LLB Degree Course 3 Years ( After Graduation ) 
Please use the following  form to ask about any information or Admission Assistance Regarding Law College Dehradun Uttarakhand :

we will be pleased to help !

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    DAV PG College is the oldest and prestigious post graduate college in Dehradun was established in 1948.DAV College was the only college in Dehradun earlier for PG Studies before the development of private colleges. The College offers wast number of Undergraduation and Postgraduation Courses.Always keep ur hubby’s pic in mobile know y? Whenever u face any problem just see that pic & say If I can handle dis I can do anything.• If U Learn From Your Mistake, then You are Intelligent. But If You Learn From Somebody’s Mistake Then You Are a Genius”.• Some things are left undone, some words are left unsaid, some feelings are left unexpressed, but someone as sweet as you could never be left Un-missed.somade of it DAV PG COLLEGE is DF2F

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    Hi Ashu,
    Nice to read your views. I am alumni of DAV PG college (Dehradun).I did my LLB from this old and prestigious institute.I saw website of our college (with photos).It took me, back to the time , when i use to roam around in this college, specially during Exam days (with a book in hand).I must say it hasn’t changed a bit. We move ahead in our life and forget about stepping stones.I miss my college days.

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    rule and regulation should be maintained by the college administration , so that the students cold take interest in classes. ………. teachers like NAVDEEP SIR are needed to each student in shaping his future.

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    dear all students of Dehradun
    i am passed out from this college Msc chemistry
    i think this one is realy a college but other is like a school….
    rajveer singh

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    The most happening place of Dehradun.
    I have been in this college for 5 years and have completed my post graduation.

    DAV(PG) College is like the “Jaan” of Dehradun.

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    can u please let me know bout distant learning grad courses offerred in ur college. i want to enroll as soon as i can.

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    Hello frnds… Im Parmesh, im the final year student of DAV college,dehradun. But currently im working at Dubai, UAE. So, now its not possible for me to come there n give my exams on March 2010, i want to complete my final year on nxt year,but i have to do again admission in college and most probably i will come there at Sep or Nov. Is it possible that i will get proper admission on that month by coming there only one time without rounding to college for admission many times.

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    I did my B A in 1972,I still have dreams of my college,I still remember the days I passed with my friends(A K NAGAR,G SAREEN,RAVI BHATIA.A K SHARMA,NISHA THAPA,MANJEET SONDHI&SO MANY OTHER).
    D A V DEHRA DOON is the place from where I got every thing of my life: Education,Gurues,Friends,Leadership&more. I will be glad If any friend of mine contact me. Thanks.

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    I Passed out from this college in 1979 as a sciencegraduate my native place is 97 nashvilla road dehra dun. currently I am director of a mumbai company.

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    I done B.com in 1957 from this college. This is fine college.I remained DehraDun 3 years in Dayanand & New Hostel and enjoyed very much. My friends were S.K. Ahuja & Kewal Krishan Narula. I have no link with them now, If any of them read my massage please send e-mail to me. I am now at Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan)
    My Email address is

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    hi guys D A V college is the best college of north india….D A V college Establishment in 1948… I Passed out from this college in 2009 as a art postegraduate my native place is M D D A colony dehra dun. so plz join D A V

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    D A V is best college of dehradun in spite of facility provided by the managment.

    Neither any fan in good working condition even there is exam session nor no mobile facility in terms of to safe them. students are putting there mobiles to shops. If exam are conduting managment have to see each and every conveinence.

    jai ho political guys app log hi kuch karoooooooo!!!!

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    I joined DAV (PG) College, Dehradun in the year 1967 after doing Intermedite from Murti Devi Saraswati Inter College, Najibabad. DAV was the only college around which allowed me the choice of 1. English Litt, Psychology and Drg. & Painting at graduation level. I am retired from a PS bank now. I shall remain indebed to DAV PG College, Dehrdun throu out my life.

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    Please sir tell me about for BBA Cource, i want to join us dav pg collage,there are few collages in faridabad, i hope you send me some information for this cource..

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    i am persuing graduation from SOL DU……Its my final year…so that i want to take an admission in PG dav college for LLB..so,what type of eligibility is required for taking an admission in this college…and also about the fees structure

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