CBSE Announced Board Exam Dates, From February 15 for Class 12th and From 21st Class 10th Exam Will Commence

cbse-examCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the Datesheet for the Board Examination. The Board Examinations of Standard XII will begin on February 15 and last on 3rd April while the exam for Standard X will begin from February 21 and last till March 29. About 18 lakh students will appear for Standard XII board examination and about 13 lakh students will appear for Standard X exam this year.

The Board Examinations according to CBSE is commenced early as per the High Court order. So that the results of the Board Examination can be declared before the admission process of the DU begins. This time, the result of re-evaluation is also taken into consideration, in which board exams of 12th and 10th will start from March 5. The examinations of standard X will continue till April 4 and standard 12th board examination will be conducted till April 12.

The first exam in Class X will be of e-publishing and e-office: 

According to the Datesheet, the first exam paper of the class 10th examination will be of e-publishing and e-office on February 21. The exam for the subject Paintings will be held on February 22, Music on February 23 and February 25. On February 27, there will be the examination for a few skill-based subjects including Music, NCC, Food Production, Banking and Insurance, Marketing and Sales, and, Health Care Services.

On March 2, the examination for the subject Info Technology will be held. On March 5, the examination for 33 languages will be held which will include a number of the languages ​​including Punjabi, German, Nepali, and more. After this, on March 7, the examination for Math will be held for Class X. The exam for four languages ​​will be held on March 9. On March 13, the examination for Science Theory and Science Practical examinations will be held.

On March 16, the examination of Sanskrit and on March 19 Hindi (Course A and Course B) will be held. On March 23 the examination of English Communication and English Language and Literature will be held. The paper for Home Science will be conducted on March 25. The paper on IT and Communication Tech will be held on 27th March and finally, on March 29, Social Science examination will be conducted.

For the detailed DATE-SHEET of Class X & XII Board Examination, visit:


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