214 post offices to provide Aadhaar services from April

RUDRAPUR: Residents of Uttarakhand would be able to enrol for Aadhaar cards at 214 post offices from April.

Officials of the postal department said that those who have not got Aadhaar cards can get their unique identity numbers besides getting their Aadhaar cards corrected or updated.

Chief postmaster general of the state, Vinay Kumar Tiwari, said, “Since the Aadhaar card is mandatory for availing various government services, it was felt that more Aadhaar centres should be made available for people. Aadhaar services at post offices would be particularly beneficial for residents in hilly areas as post offices have a better reach there.”

Two staff members in each post office would be involved in providing the service. “We have trained 70% of the post office personnel across the state for this. We are now procuring equipment to register biometric identification of residents,” the chief postmaster general said.

In June 2017, more than 600 common service centres (CSCs) for enrolling and updating Aadhaar details were being run by private operators authorised by the central government in the state. In July, the central government banned 302 centres over allegations of negligence of work. At present, only 344 centres are functional in the state.

A government official on the condition of anonymity said, “A lot of complaints were received about the functioning and quality of work by private operators providing Aadhaar services which is why a decision was taken to set up Aadhaar centres at post offices.”

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