We know that education plays a vital role in our life and without a doubt it is the basic need of life. Education gives you power to understand and live your life in structured way. If you are not educated it means that you won’t be able to survive in your life easily. Education is not only makes you skillful and updated but it also provides you fundamental way to lead your life respectfully. It is very necessary to getting proper education which makes you stable and develops your personality. With the help of education you will be able to maintain appropriate physical and mental growth which helps you to grow as a great human.

An educated person is socially strong and he knows how to deal with different circumstances perfectly. He is able to maintain his social status and also spread his nobility in the society. Education is like a light which can remove the darkness of illiteracy in life. Without education you don’t have clue to how to construct your life in methodical manner.  When a person is educated he is naturally confident and decisive as he can easily influence people by his good deeds and experience. In India there are large sections of population who are still unprivileged and not able to get proper education. There is sheer need of providing education to each and every individual.

Education gets you lots of opportunities and dreams in which you can make your life better and luxurious. Well there are so many states that have a high literacy rates like Kerala, Bangalore etc in India. On the other hand there are several states including Uttrakhand has very low literacy rates. But we can say that the situation is getting better and better as there are so many developments in education Uttrakhand.  Now the construction of schools in Uttrakhand has been increased drastically in recent decades. Well in short we need make sure that the gift of education should reach to each and every person so that we can be able to make an ideal society and country.