Some Subject Specific Board Examination Preparation Tips at

The dedication required for the preparation of every single subject is equal. A student cannot take any of the subjects lightly. Some requires more practice in written form while some requires theoretical studies.

Below you can find Board Examination continued subject-wise tips:


  • It is a concept based subject making it totally scoring.
  • Proper attention, understanding can help you develop interest in mathematics and once you start finding it interesting, you would love solving the different type of sums and problems.
  • Keep on doing regular practice in written only.
  • Remember the important formulas, and theorems.
  • Understand and remember cube roots and square roots.
  • Develop fast speed with accuracy.
  • Avoid silly or careless mistakes as it will result into complete loss of your effort.


  • Being a theory based subject, it requires the memorizing of the varied definitions, terms, etc.
  • Pay attention and learn the many diagrams and the respective explanations.
  • Since it is the study of body parts, a good amount of time should also be dedicated to learn the function of the different body parts.
  • Dedicate routine time for the subject.
  • Learn the explanation of the repeated terms and functions to score good marks.


  • It is the study of geographical locations and hence involves time in map understanding.
  • Memorizing the definitions can certainly help you score more marks.
  • Questions based on longitude and latitudes are highly scoring. Hence practice seriously.


  • Being a complete theory based subject on the past, it requires regular study.
  • It contains facts about the varied incidents, stories about warriors, leaders, kings, etc. Therefore, the easiest way is to read and memorize the important events, dates, historical incidents, etc.
  • Practice model papers and previous years board exam papers.
  • Jot down the points and answer in your own way.
  • Keep your answer point to point and keep revising regularly.

Thus, the above discussed subject specific tips if followed regularly is sure to help you succeed with flying colors. Regular practice, revision, time management, healthy mind & body along with the mentioned unavoidable tips will surely help board examination students compete fairly with guaranteed satisfactory results.

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