Some Subject Specific Board Examination Preparation Tips at

Among the varied classification of the exams in our Indian system of primary, secondary and higher secondary, the value of Board Examinations are indeed limitless. It is the deciding point for all the aspirants where students are involved in competing with interschool aspirants appearing in the declared exams by the various state boards and education councils in the country.

The result completely depends on the level of the preparation done by a particular student. Below here we present some of the subject specific Board Examination preparation tips only at – the only dependable information hub in the state of Uttarakhand for all available free of cost. You can access it from any part and any time during the year.

Subject-wise tips for you:

  1. Physics

It is a scoring subject that requires good listening, attention, better understanding of theoratical and practicals. A student desiring to excel in the subject needs to engage himself in attempting maximum model papers with increasing speed & accuracy every time.

  • Keep your understanding clear about the fundamental concepts
  • Develop good hold on the fundamental of the subject
  • Revise regularly questions based on theorems and formulas
  • Don’t cram the theories rather try to understand them.
  • Practice more and more in written form
  • Attempts previous years exam papers and model papers
  1. Chemistry

It is the second full scoring subject for the genius students ready to put in the required efforts. It requires good time management, routine homework, practice and sharp mind for easy understanding in the shortest period of time. It is essential to practice pattern based papers.

  • Being formula based, it is high scoring subject
  • Learn the important formulas and practice more
  • Plan your routine and pay attention in classes
  • Understand the basics and clear your understanding related to the various formulae
  • Develop good problem solving speed by in-depth understanding
  • Practice a lot and develop accuracy level
  • Understand the varied reactions explained in Chemistry

The routine and honest efforts combined with the firm determination is sure to give you assured success in all the tests particularly in your board examinations. Keep reading second part for tips on more subjects.