Inspite of being familiar and used with the regular unit test, terminal, annual exams in the every class during primary standard, the students develop a kind of fear in the mind on learning about the board examinations to be faced in the near future. For the entire students habitual of competing with classmates are forced to compete with interschool candidates at state level and also at national level during the Board Examinations.

This creates some of the unwanted natural feelings like nervousness, fear, lack of confidence, over pressurized, confused state of mind and other kind of feelings. Since it is the first experience for the schooling students, the above discussed feeling and state of mind is a natural thing and inorder to avoid all these, the respective school management and parents keeps on counseling their students/children.

Some of the students succeed in passing with first, second, third class/division while some clear it with distinctions. A few of the studious students tops at district level, state level whereas some brings pride at national level. Overall for all the candidates, the experience indeed remains memorable.

“Some might also consider themselves unfortunate for not being able to clear the examination due to low score in one or more subjects but there is no need to lose hope at all. You are allowed to give several attempts at declared interval of time. One can grab the opportunities and go ahead on the career path to win the race in your precious life”, said the Executive Director,, Dehradun.

Remember one thing and always keep in mind that failure and success is the part of our life. After every failure there is success. The important thing is to keep trying until you succeed. At no point of time, feel depressed or disappointed. Always stay hopeful and you are sure to excel in your life. So take everything positively and compete fairly for the successful career.

It is very well said, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” So students we would like to give you all our best wishes for your upcoming Board Examinations.

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